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If Scott Tracy was real he would look like this guy.

Nobody needs that many dish towels. I mean, jeez.

It's so fluffy!! #newblanket

It's right here! (Excuse the random track lines.)

Less pain, but more bruise. Furniture is shit.

Apologies, yer honour! Please refer to Exhibit A, to whit...

This sweater has sheep on it! #want

Toffee anyone?

Um... no? It was bad enough before with 26! How has it developed an extra 74 from being fixed?!

I think it's time... #winterisation

My hair has claimed another victim...

Legal tender. #interesting

Finally bought some new blusher. It was definitely getting a bit desperate!

You know how sometimes you intend to go to the shop but instead you end up at Derwent Valley? Yeah.

Somehow the HTC camera makes everything look post-apocalyptic and sinister. This was a beautiful sunset over the moors!

Oh, Morrisons. You're awesome. #ChristmasToblerone

Check out mah really appetising bacon sandwich.

New?! #lies


Power unit is really hot and I can't get the back off so here is how I'm resolving the issue. Yeah. #lateralthinking