possibly a cat, photographer, observer, music fan, tour manager, writer and ice-queen rolled into one. might just love you as is.

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Omg! I can see 's hand!!!! And I can hear her voice!!! You're real!!! You exist!!!

Kurniaan Tuhan kepada manusia....#nyamnyam #warnawarnapelangi

Groupon template fail


#nowplaying :D

tengok ni! Eheehehehehhe

Anybody wants this? I got it for free and I don't wear nail polish anymore.

Itu dia, from backstage . Kongratulasi on the new album!!!!!

Monoloque's on stage! Next is abang-abang hensem and after that, rakan joget anda, #rockaway2011

Semangat Grade A!! Thanks y'all!! #rockaway2011

Amboi lipstick merah si Jacky ni...

Hai. Teeeeheeeheeeh #idontusuallywearcolours

Serius amat, . Tsk tsk...

6am 6am... Must be up by 6am. (Eh tapi tv apa? Rcti? Sctv? )

Hai , ni dessert kami. Heeee (we love you. See you at ze hotel. Kita gi mall sekali) #jekarda

Meet :D and Cafe Batavia #jekarda

Hi, we're at this posh sanctuary in Kota (which is a bit of a beautiful mess and old building-porn) #jekarda

Walked thru narnia to find this! :D . Gihihi


Helo! This is Haineko 5mins ago :D