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2-2-ne...3=( years old=( neverneverland where are you?? stuck in a maze=( Nightowl, short, extreeemlyyyy clumpsy=( I'm just me The End~!XD

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story of my life. this is way down ran like a crazy perso up the escalator a la Rambo with eye of the tiger playi

Now I'm confused =S I know I should change to winter time but my phone did it already what is it 2:07 or 3:07 -.-

covering mess with stamps/stickers haha...boring saturday..zombiemode..haha my arm looks dead-.-

bathroom/mirror pic. I cabdoittoo. amIdoingitright? I'msobored. messy toilet dead arm. whatamIdoing??

Summer is officially over T.T school started yesterday. This is where I'll be this month...hope it'll be fun~

so blue! makes mr wanna just jump in...but not in real life hahaha. looks better on the picture hehe

^^ enjoying todays view^^

aaah so nice, so serene looking :) early morning... no people and now nice fresh feeling air. i like!^^

16/41 are mine-.- and I only use 6 of them.. since now it's a bit hot 3of them haha-.- my converse, vans, sneakers

boooh! hehe good night!.... or morning-.- def need to start sleeping earlier!!!.. zombie mode tomorrow...later-.-

Hahaha oh snap! wow love oscar wilde lol "Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go."

1. most random thing. A piano in the centre and someone sang "i believe i can fly" horribly haha. This is what i ♡

forgot my pencil case today-.- oh and ofc I was late and ofc it heavily rained-.- haha story of my life...

this 1, 5 week havent been bad right? been just sleeping late waking up late-.-

oh no you didn't! who taught you that?! haha no worries just looks like it. he doesn't know that yet...I hope!!

this kid looks really big, tall and older in pictures but in real life soooo little! baah my little devil♥

haha found old pics of me and my little sister. The foot, even til today I have that habit...

a better pic showing how I feel. no more tape!!! wohooooo~ how I've missed you for 3w! no more cheap looking haha

hahahaha funny~

power walk! been a looong time with my friend. therapy. lol