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DaesungDscover Dlive card!!! omo omo!! so cute... bunny yaa

Daesung snack Dsvover Dlive total is 10card!! omo!! cr:esakwan

imsorry but u look ridicilously ugly >_< with that hair

TOP wearing short pants!!!!!!! & short sleeve tshirt!!! ***nosebleed**

he imitiated seo inyoung... hahaha

lmao.... look at this bingu, busy imitiating hahaha

aaahh its a tshirt by their face, im not buying >_< its embrasse me wearing human photo on shirt >\\\\\\\\<

guess who

ducking mr.whale....

aigoo.... tabiyaaa

giyeoomi from whore attention boy!!

i call him Mr.Sweetheart!! then after this, he is my whale~~~

aaaahhh look at those glamorious thigh!!

hello, korea eat kimchi

waiting for TOP, lol!! T^T i miss bigbang!!

birthday box sexiness overload...he s day

this!!! cuteness overloaaaddddd

aaawww Mr.Whale duck mouth with his forecast.... that just!! aahhhh~~~~