Kellen Griswold


Man without a plan, just living life and usually loving it. [Avid sports fan in the 3-0-3]

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WTF?! This is crazy. 3D tattoo

Feel free to fuck up this guy's day and make his life even shittier :)

watching a documentary about you on TV haha

it takes even more will power not to respond to these types.

LMAO Shan...

Al Davis (Marc) putting up big numbers this week! Whoo! Best GM ever!

The fuck happened to Fall?!? ...dammit

#ClimateChange is not a hoax, don't be so naive

I have a 42" LCD TV and an Xbox for sale for $400 if anyone is interested.

Children please

???? RT : Mad Mennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha! So perfect! #TheDailyShow

Next week is lookin niiiiice. It's about damn time

rocking the combover


Hahaha good effort Romney, probably coulda held that "convention" in a Burger King parking lot