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Dead guy on LOST now undead on The Vampire Diaries. Still happily contemplating Man's existential dilemma...

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Time to get to work with this guy.It starts tomorrow.I can finally eat, breathe and sleep.Gold night beautiful world

Wouldn't fit on my Iphone 5- but got a bunch of use out of it;) gave it to me!

On set- Watching election from Salvatore House...

Trending but promoted!

Huh??? Is this true?! Thanks for the email!!'

Something tells me this is a wonderful woman;)

Iphone screen telling me its time! Going to VOTE now! ;)

So thoughtful and makes sense- what do you think? #chooseyourameria

Realchange my ass.KeyStone Pipeline,womens' rights gone,lobbyists&dogs ridingon roofs of cars.Not buy'n it or vote'n4it

Late night VD...

This looks like a movie!Wtf?!

This is so cool!!!!

Staring at me in my dressing room while I work on my script-slightly strange...Going in closet;)

Too bad the world can't vote... Check this out

These guys are trying hard for you lovely ladies!

Sitting w/ coming up w/ amazing ideas&talking about the #PresidentialDebate I'm showing funny pics like this one

I talked to this man about some of this stuff

My of #PresidentialDebate with you guys

Getting me through serious night of wrk.Stimulates brain activity.Brainstorm(ing)excited to share whats coming up...Wow