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Derena | Oct. 8, 2005 - ∞ |

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Cant freakin wait

lol #plake

scanning new york vacation pics last 2006…. Serena and Blair? what. HAHAHAHA omg

please don't

TOO CUTE. UGH. Can you please kill me now. I have a test tomorrow and I'm scanning PLAKE PICTURES. <////3

HAHAHAHAHA! #blyanmarriageproblems PLS BREAK UP NOW


aaaahhh #plake #DERENA

ahhaha ahay sad life

power couples uhuhhh <3 can't get over. guys watch gg season 1 and season 6 :) skip 2-5 ;)

gorgeous just gorgeous… I wish it was reality tho huhuhu </3 #plake #derena #lintedawmagagako #hatehashtags

what kind of a face is dat

I won't say goodbye. :) season 1 next week! woohoooo



Cutie mama hahahahahahahhahahaha


Chef wahoooooo

"You are my destiny, Cohen." "Go save the world, Summer Roberts." GOOD NIGHT xx