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model in residence . Shoot, the looks fast.

We are in Canada, so don't worry: neckgaiters and ear warmers are in full effect. Even tho it's warm and muggy outside.

I'm in Lake Tahoe. First time back since the . Only this time it's not snowing.

100 mile transfer before 100 mile stage. Peace out Colorado Springs.

Foam hands are so last year. Foam KING CROWNS however are so 2011 . Bring the ruckus Colorado.

Isn't that adorable, and my bikes are friends.

Wow thanks , $150 and you even flipped over and opened the box for us. Hope nothing fell out at 30,000'.

PLUS I sign a poster with my handsome mug on it. Silver Sharpie: bonus.

Hippies, drinking you hemp is taking it entirely too far.

Much like the exciting world of in-race-radios, here's the fascinating inside of a team RV! Not much happening...

This is only part of the reason I ride - to the adoring cheer of some adorable fans. ()

Arrive in Utah and lo and behold, a HOT new literally with my name on it. Thanks dudes.

It wouldn't be a big day in Aspen if I weren't getting radical on dirt... on my road bike.

Yes friends, shrimp on the barbie! In Aspen. I'm straight out of Dumb and Dumber. Sadly, I am not in Austria.

If a 70k/h dirt road descent doesn't get you going at 10 the in the morning, Friend, nothing will.

Oh my goodness I know him. issue on store shelves now.

Some might call me cheap. I call it mere prudence to think $310 is a tad pricey for a frigging t-shirt.

The winner of the Most Ridiculously Cute Modeling Contest in the12months & under category is... Matthew!

Now that's a sweet shirt with an awesome idea in mind --> world champ's in the USA. Richmond/2015.

Mid-ride change of kit is the stuff of legend. So is this Fluffernutter.