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And lastly, mine. From 8,000 miles away I present the green Hawaiian jack-o-lantern with fitting pineapple headgear.

Oh, correction that "goose" on the left is a stork. My friend came out with the news tonight that she's preggers.

The cow jumping over the moon - always scary!

...the rest of "Maine", a skier, and... frankly I have no idea what that is.

The ever entertaining barfing Jack-o-lantern.

A very original Jeep Willys from our resident motorhead.

...a ghost, umm maybe a sideways moose, a beer mug, a face, the state of Maine...

And now the contestants: apparently a goose, the Bruins' Stanley Cup, a scary face, umm I don't know what, "Maine"...

And now meet the contestants: apparently a goose, the Bruins' Stanley Cup, scary face, I have no idea what, "Maine"...

This is 's Stanley Cup.

For fear of ruining a good cyclist's tan I bought a hat the size of an umbrella. White-guy-in-Hawaii-status maintained!

Stumbled on XTerra world champs. Makes me realize that not only do I suck at swimming but I have no interest to learn.

WHOOP! Let's go Pats! WhoohohooohHHOOoooo

We're cruising! Rest stop with up front, flying support, and everyone having a good time.

Good company. World champ leads blinded on the tandem. Krempels King of the Road Challenge!

Half way thru my ride at kilometer one hundo. 's finest greets me, amazing bagels. Thankyouverymuch!

I'm obviously doing something wrong here. I'm on 's #FatManTours and I'm eating salad and aqua frizzante.

There are certainly worse places yo wake up. 5hrs w and 's Fat Man Tours until they cry uncle.

This is a first: I am tweeting from a rope bridge. I'm at white trash club med, a la casa de Danforth. Love it.

ever see this gem? "Flush away toxins from fat"! I also like her hand positioning.