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Dedicated to shrinking and marginalizing the republican party to the point that it can be drowned in a bathtub.

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"America's energy infrastructure. From Our business to your homes." #tcot #KeystoneXL

  • 1118 days ago via site
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Yeah, last time I looked they were cold and dead. So long Moses. #TCOT

  • 1227 days ago via site
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Every half term Governor needs a military assault rifle. #TCOT

  • 1228 days ago via site
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Some have never forgiven Norman Woodland for fucking up some great album artwork with his invention. RIP Norman

  • 1232 days ago via site
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Spiderman, Spiderman. Does what ever a spider can. Wealth & Fame, he's ignored. Action is his reward. #HappyThanksgiving

  • 1253 days ago via site
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#RomneyShambles #GOP #RNC #DNC This election day, take a stand against Plutocracy. Flush the republicans.

  • 1271 days ago via site
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#RomneyShambles #GOP #RNC #DNC

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#Romney Shambles Gee Maybe voter fraud does exist

  • 1279 days ago via site
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#debates The last time this nation had a GOP candidate with such strong business credentials, that candidate was Herbert Hoover.

  • 1290 days ago via site
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#halloween Someone obviously didn't fully grasp the "Dick in a Box" concept

  • 1290 days ago via site
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#RomneyShambles I can only surmise that this man was Mitt Romney's debate coach. Yeah, that's the ticket.

  • 1301 days ago via site
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#BigBird #RomneyShambles "Come here Mitt, We gotta talk.

  • 1302 days ago via site
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#WWRJD? What Would Romney's Jesus Do? The floor is open.

  • 1308 days ago via site
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"It's not personal, It's just business" #RomneyShambles

  • 1308 days ago via site
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The GOP regrets not going with their first choice for the republican presidential nominee, 'Unnamed republican'. Says Chairman, Rinse Repeat, "Then we'd really have a horse race"

  • 1309 days ago via site
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What's all the hoopla over Romney's giraffe? Can you even hear me in there? Hey! Open a window numb nuts!

  • 1310 days ago via site
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#RomneyShambles The Romney campaign attempted a 'reboot' but the effect was a DOS prompt reading "Operating system Not Found."

  • 1310 days ago via site
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#GOPShambles Sen. Scott Brown has spoken to entire staff & issued "their one and only warning" that Native Am tape conduct won't be tolerated.

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"Hey Dish customers! Now you can join the movement and watch me again! Although, It still doesn't belong on TV."

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