i'm in the pursuit of happiness.

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Browsing thru my photos, I find this. Dam shawty what yo name is. , who are you?

Wooden futon meets the quad

"doesn't this look like the apple from twilight...or snow white?" -maura haha

Outside of bartley till forever #sullivanstakeout #dominosoverload

took my knife so she can eat her mac and cheese. Too lazy to walk and get a fork?

I want these stickers that my friend has

Doors are for entering

What we do at Wawa #sober

Smile for me , lemme see ya grillz, ya ya ya grillz

Nom nom nom

Casual fighting for candy from a worm piñata. All for margys bdayyy

Nom nom nom wiff , , and others!

Just trying to become a #sexwhisperer in Dougherty 201

Wait, do you need to wash your hands? No worries, there's a sink in the pit:

Eating delta gam cereal aka marshmallow marteys. and would appreciate it.

"my phone smells like a gas station, cigarettes, and lxa"

"Smells like I'm on a beach, I want summer so bad."

I'm so studiousss

Casually stole 39374839 butter from second storey to make cookies. Nbd

Upper THL 'Christian Marriage' has brainwashed to want a big wedding. Smh. Don't blackout in the reception

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