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Hi Twitter Universe! Duffy the Disney Bear here! I'm 6 years old, live in Melly. I LUV all things Disney & enjoy lots of most excellent great adventures!

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Cool! Little Joe is super excited 2 go 2 shop 2 4 milk. (he hates milk) - but not with chocolate!

I baked a cayk! Only... I did it ♫♪ MY WAY ♬♪

Duffy's new friend! His name is Gelatoni. http://mdpr.jp/disney/detail/1383120

I can help. learned how to make stuff at Lowes & Home Depot!

Saint Patrick's Day 2014

Teddy Bear Scouts Baking Badge

Teddy Totem - Names & Purpose

Teddy Bear Totem Project

Paris Merchandise

2010 Thanksgiving

Cookies for Mr. Richard!

Duffy taking cookies off tray

Reese's Cookies

Oatmeal Cookies

Plumber Pants!

Big Noisy Machines


Christmas Antipasto

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