Hotrod driving, Coffee drinking, fixed riding, Rock a Billy son of a gun.

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you could try a couple of these…

I think it's the taking photos whilst driving your car that has upset them. LHD?

Gracie at full tilt ;)

You shouldn't laugh …

Well the kitchen has landed, anyone fancy fitting it for me?

Waiting for our new kitchen to be delivered, I've read their what to do leaflet;
Don't remove old kitchen yet…

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! this is my twitter…

cut throat, I've posted a pic already, but just for you…

The after pic of cut throat shave, like a babies bum (but without the poo and nappy rash.)

That is freaky, taking a photo and bloody gets in it. A least he said sorry. Hello Dave.

is this familiar?

I'm having a cut throat shave tomorrow I've never had one. I'm doing a before and after.

The 'new' range has come up lovely :-D

I wish it wasn't so, but if you go here it's shows is taxed and moted :-/

this is a better pic, maybe?

here's a pic as I stand, if only of and 1/4 of the room. (19ft x 18ft ish)

I little kid has just asked if Gracie and Boo! Would like some of his crisps as they look thin :-D

One of the advantages of marrying a librarian is the pre pub books that land in the house.
Nick Hornby, Funny Girl

wow a picture of your box! 