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착한사람눈에만 보이는별 ㅋㅋ 멜로멜로 마쉬멜로해~ 안잘려올라가야하는데, can u see the Star here?!! haha

Such a sweet spagetti stringz~ Finished to check the vid wit awesome j*msg a minute ago~ :)

On my way to home from nail shop~ ugh!!~ :)

Enjoyin the holiday sprit here~ Lovely!! ;-)

Just got done work for today n it's the impressive landing from Captain Chris!! haha feelin so BOMB!!!~ :)

Stu mode with Hot Chocolate~ :)

How Sweeeet~!! aww~ #RealShit

Just posted a pic lol, I Really Love another B's smile~ 나만큼한국에사셨나보다~ ㅎㅎ

Salute~ NeYo!! ;)

Yo~ #Goodtimes ;)

Want some?! 여기있어요~

ordered pizzas n waiting now~ haha 아까일본인들도 많았고 재미있었어요, 지금도 그렇구 :)

With good music, Party time now~ ♪─♪

Happy hanging out~ #Goodtimes

Yesterday my mama님 from HK sent me a message "한국눈온데" even i wasn't in Seoul, 못봤으니 다시내려주세요~ 그보다하루전떠나면서 일주일식량대비해주시고가심~<3

The Greatest Day EVAR~ #Blessed

Like a Capeline, With Jordan~ 캐플린쓰고 조던신는 #myStyle up~ haha

WELCOME TO DISNEY LAND!! lol yeah i got an autograph from GooFy already~ hahaha 오랜만이야 ^ㅠ^

"COOL!!" 누가봄 난맨날군것질쟁인줄알꺼같아, haha can't deny it cuz i love it~~ #GFETE

A citron soup (not a tea) in da morning, funny my voice became hoarse~ hahaha #sparta