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G+ wants to ‘save’ your photo/video as you take them.

*Grumpy cat says NO*

Do you have a good wifi reception in your bedroom?

Internet Explorer Script Error on file dg2k/clock.html -

Ok, now you know that flight announcement is HTML file.

mari..silahkan daftar, tiga race dari #s4RunSeries

Years. (yg paling kanan)

61, cukuplah, besok mulai lagi ya...

menurut klender smoke-free gua, selasa dpn situ 60hari, jd rabu lu ngrokok ya ya ya..?

good geo tag nyala...awas digigit komodo...

This is the basic blood-work you need. At least to get the status "Where am I now?"

Google Maps (iOS) verification drunk. Got SMS & voice call of the same verification code at the same time.

This video is not playable. *Scumbag AMC* RT : Walking Dead s4 preview: #SDCC

heh bayarr... *sorot senter*

Aljokray, Isya starts 730pm, Taraweh 8pm ends ~845pm. Then street vendor frenzy at Eddy. Now we go home.

Even 9gag has more informative update info. BCA Mobile devs are lazy bum.
*twit bait - waiting BCA bot respond*

BCA Mobile (iOS) lazy-one-liner update definition: Bug fixing.
A "you don't say" meme fits here.

For better Indonesia, ~4hrs long discussion about 2013 high-school curriculum, with the direct object.

sama kan sama ini...

Post Pacific Rim, Kid #1 said it's a loud Ultraman with loud noises & modern special efx. *Agree*