Sam Watts


I scatter blobs on a stave, ask musicians to play them and see what happens... Currently scoring Wizards vs Aliens (BBC). Also makes cakes @cakeatronic

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I'm actually recording these... Have I gone insane? The answer is YES!!!

that's a sad state of affairs. Shall I pour you a glass?

Vital composing equipment for a Friday night.

So, and I are rotting around with and Eventide Eclipse. I'm in pain from laughter!

I shall now announce one of the many #secretprojects which isn't that secret. and I are writing an album!


Look ! Our back garden is a treasure trove! First a bin lid, now this. What next? *calls Time Team*

Well... Erm. Some computer components arrived then...

Co(u)r(gette) blimey! Look at the size of that!!!

The pictures on these sweets are pure filth!

Peas fresh from the garden. Yum.

I forgot pubs actually did small glasses of wine now... Should have asked for a medium.

It's beer o'clock #lookinlikeatwat #nothingnewtherethen

me too, but yours are bigger than mine...

I was hoping for awesome but I got disappointment instead. What exactly is the point of these, eh Cadbury?

Fuck yes!

And this is an elder of some sort, right? #icouldbemassivelywrongaboutthis

This is a more close up photo of the one I'm still not sure about.

And finally, this one...