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Watch the snakes, cuz they're watching you! ✌️ Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker! #Chipotle #Boricua #OldBae

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Uhhhh. RT : 8. Did your Twitter crush turn into your significant other?

You gotta ask . RT Lol Stop that! Where's my damn shirt, tho!?

lmao!!!!! As soon as I tweeted , she tagged me in a FB post.

OMG! Go. Away!

Whhhhhy can't I find the grey ones?? #RosheRun #Nike

Hey, !! One of these is not like the other one.

So, I'm on the hunt for a baller boo for me & ...& I think I found one. #TeslaGang

*begins dancing in my hoodie & sweats*

Looking at it makes me so sad. I'm glad my cousin & her daughter are okay.

Lunch lunch.

My response to the text I received.
Cc (monster Jas is here)

In the meantime, I'm extra Boricua today. Just pulled this out my purse. I'm fitting all stereotypes today.

Ohhh please.

hey, .