The 7 God watching, hope you prepare to face him

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DeadSkins must've read my tweet ... They're hitting those exits early

Funny think about that tweet was he tweeting me from an iPhone....

Smh damn

Amber Rose mentions:

RT : I've noticed....the more a man puts up his lady on his social media the more he cheats

the rule of pemdas they're forgetting is when they're equal

So , can u confirm? RT : ur pussy smell like dumpster juice

Smh... RT : my ananconda don't want none unless u clean those shitty buns Hun

Can u confirm or deny? RT : K Michelle pussy smell like shit

Lmaooooo... RT : K Michelle pussy smell like shit

The calm before the storm .... #KD

Another day at the office

Nude beaches can be REALLY REALLY interesting


look at this shit

Unlimited powers with all this space lol..

Once I'm activated I'm back in the matrix .... The struggle has been VERY REAL!!