Oprah tweeted me on 2/15/12 at 9:48pm (from her iPad)

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My great-grandparents Pearl and Theodore Whitener cc

Khia blocked me for this:

Happy Veteran's Day to my grandfather, not recognized for his service due to the color of he skin. 60 yrs later he was

In honor of Veteran's Day Monday, I'm changing my avatar to this

separated at birth:

RT : Remember. White is recessive. I'ma leave that there. *takes a sip of tea* <<

My week on twitter honorable mention: being named honorable mention (bc of the monkey) in avatar contest:

I found Karl Rove's twin!

Found on Facebook: #PresObamaBeKnowin

RT : Yessss http://t.co/RkbvxmYs <<Thanks to these guys for the site

On the train in Rockville, MD at zero dark thirty heading to the inauguration in '09 (we had silver tickets)

I hope I'm not too latte.

Can you explain this?

: WHY IS THAT INFANT THINKING SO HARD??? <<he's trying to figure out who this kid is.

RT : Speaking of big stomachs and boobs, what ever happened to Bonecrusha? <<

RT : UPS is the Iota of delivery services. #PissPoo #ThisMakesSoMuchSense <<

The look on Mitt's face when the President is jogging his memory:

This is how Biden is looking at Ryan

#TBT Kennedi and her 1st computer, which she received for her 4th birthday