Oprah tweeted me on 2/15/12 at 9:48pm (from her iPad)

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It was SO cold at the inauguration in '09. I think this pic is from the concert on the mall the day prior.

Who is responsible for this?

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why use a pic of a white boy on your home page when the creator of the app is a black girl? SMH

this is Pete Rose's 'you are real going to stand there and take pics of me.' face

More proof that Pete Rose refused to look at me:

$75 pic of him, so Kennedi had another idea (he refused to look at me w/ the camera)

RT : *steeple fingers* <<

Kennedi and I, both of us are exactly 6 months old.

RT : Some of my "Tariqisms" really have some people mad at me..Geez <<

Dear "Amanda", this is for you

I'm convinced that WireImage think "they all look alike"…THAT'S NOT MARY J!!

Someone on my timeline mentioned Phaedra and Apollo. This is always fitting #NeverForget

Before you go to the MLK party at the club, are you going to this?:

RT They got the Fred Flintstones rack of Brontosaurus ribs on hand with the Liturgical dancers. <<

RT : Angelic Praise dancers carrying big ass ribs... <<

That is the same giant rib that Fred Flintstone had

On my timeline: