Oprah tweeted me on 2/15/12 at 9:48pm (from her iPad)

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This is the shirt I want to get her

I designed these shoes for the Kid and was promptly told that I should leave the shoe designing to her. O_O

Text from Kennedi while she played golf with the Nerd Herd earlier today.

Happy 314 Day! #StLouis

RT : LMFAOOO your look of concern.. I hope you followed up with steeple fingers. <<

We can't listen in the US. This is what I get on the site:

RT : LOL https://t.co/qx2qUSMDCW <I need these for when twitter is down (I usually use Post It notes)

Kennedi and Mariah Stackhouse at the course here in NC.

Kennedi's (3) first swing with her first set of golf clubs.

RT : DIGGY TURNED 18?! << Ma'am…

RT : DIGGY TURNED 18?! << Umm…

RT : Leonard, the teacher from Chicago?? <<This is Leonard…and his fro. #FroChoice

RT : Brendon Ayanbadejo, Beyonce, Baltimore... << Yes!

RT : Apollo and Phaedra need to stop... here and now. <<

Just when I thought I was safe, the kid FaceTimed me from the living room, trying to catch me not watching Tiger.

RT : *steeple fingers* <<

man is suing Subway for the 11" footlong & I should be able to 'test' men wearing this & sue them too

did you see this guy? Someone said he was cold...

when I see people like that, I ALWAYS think of this

I posted the King Holiday video to Fb and check out the thumbnail pic that was posted with it.