Killua Zoldyck


Chatting with Tom and S.A.R.A. aboard the absolution

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Yea I'm in the Bronx .... On the inside though lmfao!!!

First airport 2 more to go can't believe I missed my flight  smfh


Yo I thought Cosby was an omega but he stunting right now

I havent paid one yet and got em clear #beating the system

Dolphins tale in the cafe today

Just our my yugioh n basketball card collection

True shyt

#reallytho are all those options necessary

I'm bout to make love

My girl said she love me but my she kinda hate

came out and darted going in

Yea I needed this after what I seen

Damn I haven't tweeted from my phone in a while those mentions are building

#purplethongs y'all ain't ready

What can I mix with this

My Chinese vs bologna sandwich

I kno would drink this