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Cocoa developer, Lego builder, model railway owner. Yes, I'm a geek. Who likes Taylor Swift, damnit.

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These instructions on our equipment safe INCLUDE the combination. I'm dumbfounded!

This requirement is rapidly becoming problematic.

All packed for #nsconf!

Pop quiz! Which device did Apple ship this power cable with?

Plane needs more legroom!

Bye Sweden!

Current status:

Hey everyone made a funny!

Took a wrong turn in the office and now I need to stay in quarantine for six weeks :-(

#define CHEESE_MAX (1.0f / 0.0f)


You know it's bad when you're sketching circular buffer calculations on the back of a lunch receipt!

Hot topic at work: snow!

"It was snowing sideways!"
"I nearly died!"

Actual snow quantity:


On the final leg home - just the typically crowded Swedish motorways left. We’ll have driven over 2300km in two days!

These numbers do not a happy Daniel make. Fucking Germany.

Oh noes! No credit! Better top up my phone — 150kr should do it. Then:

The dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Go the hell is gonna sit and scan 18 QR codes on the train?!

I’m on a boat!

Guideline for work trips: “Make sure you act professionally when visiting other companies.”