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I fuckin woke up to my brother breaking the muthfuckin top of the bun bed (I sleep in the bottom) I was like (pic)

it does

Wow 2 Spam Tweets in the same minute -___- Fukk all u spammers

I Freaking love this Face <3_<3 xD

Always happens to me, RT if it's true lol

For all the mexicans, u know what im talkin about in this picture lol

Jailbreakme, wy u no support 2g ??

Lmao, this song randomly popped up on my iPod xD

I was about ti be first to watch you latest MineCraft video ^o^ But it was still Processing, Cant wait

If u want to do it like .app then go in Bundles or u can put it in Folders and call it by its Bundle Version

Laugh My Fukkin Ass Off, LOOK AT THIS!!!

If anyone sees this on #Facebook , Dont click it, its another one of those things that takes control of you Profile

Dumb ass Twitter people are trying to get Followers by making Fake Celebrity Accounts and there Mispelled, Look

Imagine if this actually happened lol

I downloaded it but im Buying the CD when it comes out, im gonna be blastin that shit 24/1

Who is Such lo-lifes that they will spend 11/11/11 11:11 Sending me a spam mention -___-

Did i tell, Some fag Tweeted me a Spam Mention on 11:11 Look!!!

Wy arent Peoples iPhones and iPods not Jailbroken, Live a little bitches

In #Crafted , I just have Hacked my self Beds and Bones, this should be on the soon, Still in Testing phaze

#cc WTF, i went back and it said it lmao, WTF is this is a Game inside the appstore?? xDddd