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Kum uHay' akasebenzi ngcono uzame uEWE EWE EWE....haymani! FREE Music at www.disguiz.co.za

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Behind every crenkist...there's a uhm...neva mind...say hi Kym Lulama Duru.The boss lady from blawa.

Here's my 10.Show me yours and tell me if she can beat THIS!! Half Xhosa Half Human: Boity.

One of my favourite gifts.

The conversation with myself didn't end there...I also sms'd myself afta ths call.

I'm callin myself.I saw the rooftop n thot mhh...I nid2call myself n tweetpic.

That looks like I've got a bump on my head.infront.like I got two brains o sumthin.

I'm namba one,namba one namba ONE!!! Ayeye! Finally bought my own copy today.Thankxx

thanxx for this offering.just bought my copy at Musica n I'm fckn widid.s u can see.

well done sisi.bakubonile ngoku.bazoyek'ubhanxeka!I FULLY support u n lov yo music!

Khanyi Mavi. Khal'ingoma b'reiy!! Xhosa Rap is IN!QHA!

and I at with and

Lagosh, iFani and two one two.

This is the BIGGEST T-Bone steak I've ever had.yho!!!

Bongz about to go in at Shift. do BEST!!

I walked around to take anatha pic.he's stil floatin... :) cc:

Bongz doin his anti-gravity stunts. That's what happens when u're born to fly. cc:

Have u ever seen Leopard-Print sox?its rough out there.

Lani and Fi(at the back)...I neva thot,in a million years,I'd love cats like this.love 'em,laaa way!

Valentine and Hay'mani about to do Esquire Studio in PTA.mazishe kalok.

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