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yo I saw dis nigga at the mall waitin to get his mails SMFH lite skin niggas lose again!!!

not uh raven.... Dem nappy edges, Dem uneven eyebrows, Dat green scarf and Dat white nail polish?

#somewhereinthehood some girl is makin popcorn and Kool aid for dinner =\

he still doesnt get it====>

i had to let my mexican homeboy know ===>

Yoooo hahaha

damn Me @ age 14 high and still looking busted napoy edges N everythang

damn look at me wen i was 14, man i looked BUSTED

Fuck a nigga. I'd take aaliyah anyday hot

A natural beauty angel

its not easy bein lite skinned :(

the counselor asks what do you see in this PHOTO and you say Line of Crushed Rocks #YouMightBeACrackhead

#HoodratFBStatusUpdate Twerk it to Ms new Booty


RT : I'm just tweeting this to make U jealous << i win

RT : can somebody tell me what ratchet means?

#PoliceReports Sheriffs looking foe 5'7 male,named Rayqwkon, carrying a frying pan weapon on charges foe liquor store robbery

this picture gets me weak everytime Lmao

#HoodratFBStatusUpdate doin it big in DETROIT! Reppin Smack a Hoe records, and Get Arab Monay Productionz.

#HoodratFBStatusUpdate Gettin paid Arab Money slangin rocks, livin in wit da whyte folks, naw sane bruh?

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