KhalBleezi aka Baenerys Targaryen. (Sometimes) Curly haired gal. Old Bæ seasoned. PROUD MUSTANG. #GoBears #GoBulls #GoMustangs SMU '13! NO COBBS.

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RT : “: I ain’t celebrating that shit.”

Baby brother. He's doing so much better but not 100% yet.


When you have the separated section styrofoam plates at your barbecue…

I’ve been dranking…

What's missing? Tweetbot be like..."they was dry anyway sooooo....*yoink*"


Daphne. #ThanksForMEATing

This is just

And FURTHERMORE. I go back in the break room and THIS is there. LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY JESUS!

Butter is ready to accompany my little cousin to the prom in a couple of weeks

I’m wearing the jeans with the multicolored suede patches on the front but you can’t see em…

You got it! (Switched to wine bc…WINE) RT : I can’t drink you gotta be my designated drinker.

I'm not ready for this...90s the next 5 days. Where's the in-between weather?

What happens when a 37 year old woman texts her 18 year old cousin?

CLEARLY Pluckers wants me to come over there not now...but RIGHT THE FCUK NOW. A liter of beer for $7.50.