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I hope Ultron is the villain in The Avengers 2 - maybe change the origin to an Iron Man armour that gains AI?

Exclusive: First photo from J.J. Abram’s Star Wars Episode 7! #LOL

Welcome to Sheng Shui - Hong Kong's very own Mos Eisleys!

Thought of you when I LOL'd at this

Happy 90th Stan Lee!

Thank you for yesterday Reed, Ben, Johnny and Sue! I knew you'd save us! #apocalypse #fantasticfour

Google quietly deletes free version of Google Apps for Business #NoSoupForYou

You will find out you are not a beautiful or unique snowflake tonight at #Pitchclub

Hong Kong guys getting mad about this girl on Facebook - not sure why, yeah there's some CS there but why get mad?

Wolverine and PSY: Mutant Style

Hank Pym, Scott Lang or the new Ant-Man Eric O'Grady - and if its Edgar Wright I expect to see this:

A Catwork Orange! #LOL

All fixed now - thanks for the shout-out! #TwitterSavesTheDay

#TDHK is next week - check out this awesome image made for it! #SMWHK #HongKong

This is the photo you get when you unsubscribe from! I feel so bad it makes me want to re-subscribe

Found the store we saw in Daimyo in Wan Chai today!


I guess someone saw the Bane connection before me! Nice to see has a HK following too!

Oh man, I KNEW this was going to happen - way to go NASA!!! :-( #WeAreAllDoomed