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Taking refuge in a "G-20-Free Zone" party. #g20

Favourite iOS4 update: I can finally navigate through podcast episodes using my *eyes* instead of my ears.

Security guards watching the worldcup. Am I going to be killed by a stray G20 protestr since they're distracted?

I'm watching over No Frills while you're away.

"Please find enclosed your refund of _$2.25_ lost in our vending machine." (No, not hanging on *my* wall)

One of "Dmitri's Devils" tried to pick up in a washroom lineup. Single ladies, here's his card:

"Canada spent a billion dollars on the G20 summit and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"-at Spadina nrth of Dundas

guess where? Ah, the memories. Will report back about food poisoning later.


saw this Aidan suit at Tom's Place. If you ever buy it, I'm in trouble.

Temporariy left #mesh10 to hear talk about his gene prediction algorithm at UofT. See 's tweets.

Media visionary appears to be carrying an non-smartphone. Scandalous! #mesh10

just got complimented on having her hair colour match her smartphone. #youragenda #mesh10

just put some OpenApps spam into The Agenda twitter stream on screen. Tsk tsk.

It's that time of year ago—helping cover #mesh10 for today.

#hackto kicking off at Idée at this ungodly hour. 's illustrated signup system:

"We shared mutual admiration with the locals for the latest in traditional head gear." Tilley: keepin' it real.

With my brother and + some hardcore plane spotters at the Runway Wendy's at #YYZ.

Coworker shrieked after finally noticing my new non-dressy shoes. I guess this is weird for everyone else too.