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팬들& '뿌리깊은 나무' 같이 감상하고있다^^

111013 KIM KIBUM><!!!!

111013 [Danny Music Show Radio] DH & KH sitting next to each other :D

111013 Sungmin at KBS for KBS Cool FM :)

Beautiful view from Busan Tower :))

Busan = fresh seafood!! Yummmm :D

P'Ong and his producer Q&A session :))

Whoaa 9am n its this crowded already!ㅜㅜ Thx to my friend who traded his press quota for my tix><

Grabbed Sex on the beach in a zip-lock bag while wondering arnd Haeundaeㅋ hav a good evenin y'll ;)

111007 Rain Busan Film Fest :D

111007 Geunseok Busan Film Fest ><v

111007 JYJ Busan Film Fest Night Of Actor


my first solo ride out of town! second semi-backpack trip in Korea;; see you soon, Busan :))

was watching Friend (2001), Yoo Ohseong's Joonseok-character and his acting was superb! Good film!