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if i am good i could add years to my life; i would rather add some life to my years.

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Also, staff is the best.

Anyone have any idea what record this actually is? Help!

Forgot to check the Disneyland blackout dates & I'm blacked out, totes denied. I'm gonna order a fuckin' steak

my hero.


Drinking Michelob Ultra. Don't judge me!!! From this seat I can confirm the players' sneakers are, in fact, ugly.

#dtla conan yay!

Pretend new York in front of me again.

Today is gonna be good says the foot.

Do not go to drunk. I repeat. Do not shop your idols reissues drunk. You do not need meat puppets 2.

I wanna go to this.

This evening.

come over. 

Ewww. #dtla

Good morning from Freeman's. I love you, .

Oooo. Lady Warhol exhibition! J'adore chic!!

Good morning, & .

I ain't tryin' to be blasphemous or nothin' but I have wanted one of these hats for yeeeeeeears.

it's ollie! You're a very powerful unicorn!!

No rewards for your accomplishments. No nothin'.