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New Lab Zero office on Pier 9 -- love it already!

Lab Zero moving day

End game at

Last day with my Pier 38 view... starting Monday, Lab Zero lives on Pier 9.

100% irony-free birthday card from my grandparents, for my 37th birthday.

Keytar achieved.

Malcolm X, or Harry S Truman? Hard to say.


Uh oh...

This weirdness is how Universal Studios chose to use their wee speck of my attention. Kinda makes me love them.

More pictures:

More pictures:

More pictures:

More pictures:

Here it is, the Portland Trader Vic's!

On the hunt for big game at the Safari Club in Estacada with Sven, Naomi & Vintage Roadside.

Great haul at the Goodwill today - so thrilled about picking up the soundtrack to South Seas Adventure!

Sushi burrito.

Yolanda knows how to name a business.

The waiting room at my oil change place has a Sports Illustrated from 1975.