I put pixels & bits in their place, and I know where all the tiki bars are.

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"Dude, this keg is wearing a fucking tuxedo" #labzero #wefancy

Pele's got fiery flowers shootin' out of her head.

A dose of non-alcoholic love from Dr. Dane Barca.

My Blue Curaçao white elephant gift is biting me in the butt.

My cider order at was misheard as "sidecar." I am completely okay with this.

Brooke made this vase of liquid love for me. That's a super-vintage Harvey's mug!

Now the fez fits; now Martin is mad with power.

Erm, crap. The fez wouldn't fit, and Martin's going for it. I can't look.

Lab Zero is wearing its Xmas shinies.


Chicken in a window!


Uncle Lab Zero has _excellent_ taste in carpet.

And also, head cheese.

I brought pickled pig trotters to Thanksgiving, because I'm that woman.

My Demerara Dry Float, with a side of danger, lovingly hand-crafted by Mr. Liles.

My very own Jack o' Cocktail (filled with a Hell's Kitchen) at Smuggler's Cove.

Sexy Lab Zero is now bringing the Wow Hecka Rad to Pier 9. Pow!

The new view does not suck.

New Lab Zero office on Pier 9 -- love it already!