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This shows better, had to log in to web version:

Wait this shows better:


in "meine bestellungen" I looked at "stornierung anforden":

I see this when I click on your "about" section on your website (in latest Firefox on 17" MBP):

Regal even when he's tired...

These were artists' studios for 200 yrs before Blair did away w/ the clause prohibiting their conversion into residences:

I might have something for you... In the meantime, I'm sitting in the Virgin lounge eating this and thinking of you.

After trying them all, all I can say is "Team Humphry Slocombe". Secret Breakfast and Brown Butta:

Fantastic lunch today at Boulette's Larder at the Ferry Plaza thanks to . I miss living in CA. Dessert:

In a dept. store. Not gonna lie, the Christmas stuff kind of makes me want to shove something sharp in my eye.

Now that you're back, I can mention the STP with pears that and I ate at lunch on Friday.

Rose petals underfoot - someone got married today

Proud of you - Here it is on display at the Waterstone's in Horrid's (Ladurée is downstairs)

Highlight of the morning was the mini cappuccino (actually milk) made by the sweet barrista at Ottolenghi for papoose.

#desserttweet Chocolate Hot Pot with Pistachio ice cream at Tom's Kitchen:

Papoose is now the proud owner of red wellies. Sadly, they didn't have any in my size.

The big guy is working on it. I'm minding my own stuff rather than hounding him. Reading the recipe now:

Papoose going through the index to pick out a recipe.

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