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My new friend Katherine Mojzsis sent me this pic of a liquor store in Jersey bracing for the new Snooki tv show #LOL

Something I learned today: there's a neighborhood in Queens named Malba.

Wow, is mucho flexible. #thingsyoulearnatabar

I love that my cab driver offers is passengers a science book to peruse while they reach their destination.

Now that's a steak.

Even though the app is named iMondrian I don't think it looks like the work of the De Stijl artist.

The first Irish car bomb I've witnessed.

Coolest minimalist wallet owned by SWEET!!!

A view of the panel.

Wow, Vartan Gregorian is speaking but honestly… #nocomment DM me if you want the dish.

I ordered a drink and they brought me two last time and this time they brought me three! Expect drunkin' tweets soon.

Today we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Armenia's independence at an embassy event in Manhattan. Mixed emotions.

It feels like a boat traffic jam on the East River. Five pretty close together.

Foursquare badges I didn't know existed. The boat/ferry badge.

Got a new crackberry, now I just need an Android and I gotz me the trifecta.

Oh look, a double rainbow cake for #FEEDFEEED :)

Just bought a portable record player to listen to my Moholy-Nagy LP. Yes, I'm an art geek. cc

Hello, lunch! Don't need your charity (…I really blame )

And some more…this time by Khalil Gibran. I love this woman.

And some more…this time by Khalil Gibran. I love this woman.