I love Sebastian, John Keats, Rexy's pizza, and Vampire Diaries. In that order.

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HP 2

Candy, my pygmy puff. We got her at Zonko's.


The ducks in their fountain


The march of the ducks!! It was FREAKING AWESOME.

And one of my fave NOLA hotspots! ;)

& I got a kick out of this (her new last name is Madison!)

New Orleans poster awesomeness (since I'm awake)

Caitlin, Zack & Peanut

New Year's w/ my oldest friend, :)

Center: Rocky, my parents' raccoon. No, really.

The view from my parents' Jacuzzi... I won't lie, it's pretty sweet.

This year's Hello Kitty cake- is the best!! :)

It's like Where's Waldo, but with a kitten.

...and my dad's xmas gifts from us. There is a theme here.