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sketch x:

oh gosh u.u

Last night I drew this, I should finish it sometime o: .....

Less of a mess dog! Nose isn't the final :P

Candycorn dog mess

Also the cat decided to sleep with his nose in the dogs butt whyyyy

My eevee finally got here yayayauayayayay!!! I just need to hopefully get my hands on the big vap now ;w; #pkmn

Making some hard decisions here

A girl and her spicy lion

. finally gonna start putting some skin on this dog today o:

. is trapped

Oh...oh ..oh oh

Discovered a wee rainbow dash while cleaning up...this is a really old pattern haha! Guess I'll finish her up & sell?

Black Friday dealz

We were trying on some clothes my parents had to see what size skips was...merry Christmas! (we took it off right away)

Yeah whatever these are all for ME

things I did to clawed today

I put all your sewing supplies in that bin you had the fur in! You have a ton!! We gotta sew!

Today I'm attempting to reorganize this u.u