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love life, love God, love people & love music, I'm living for the one who saves, the hope of this world Jesus Christ

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Got a picture of cowpoke an chopsticks from Austria from #youarelegend #lovethegifts

Amp of my dreams Marshall MG series 100DFX! I want it! that's the one,I have found her

The oh so faithful macbeth, been with me through thick an thin, wet an dry #proudowner

Congrats for smashing her plate of sushi even if we shared it haha #sushiforlife

Rekindling the high school days high #longlivechappies! Ok now that just made me hungry

Just got blessed with a freakin bible!! Thank you Jesus!!

Interns at breaking away from a busy week having abit of fun playing some ninja

I have no idea how to respond to that, seriously haha #facepalm

Driving the Green Hornet today, to Tembaletu haha! #legend #feellikeasuperhero

what a awesome word by at UCT worship night!! Pumped beyond words! #opportunity #OPP

Hahahaha!! #thatawkwardmoment when whips lunati at strongest punch at wonderland

My mom loves me so much ,that she gave me a heart shaped plectrum holder lol #improvise #loveyoumom

bringing the heat in sunday am #fishersofmen #catchthatfish #sooooogood

This is one hilarious chick haha you're too much dude really #goodchats #goodmemories

When washes her feet with cold water in my bath after walking barefoot from UCT #epic

I have my own lemur!! Beeeeeeeeeeeeg hugs for thaaaaaaanks!!

Chilling with my brother in town today!! Crazy fun aaand he got me new strings! Shot!

The long wait is over!! Europe & Aus here I come!! #thankYouJesus

I reeeeeeeeeeeally want this bible in Jesus name its mine, I need a new one in any case

Remember this "The Duck Whisperer" ahaha #goodmemories

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