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Channel 2. Weather/technical extension of @PerronhaPlant. Trained spotter. Self-proclaimed radio nerd. Both will be tweeted here.

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I have a bad feeling about that. Hard to tell if it is what I think it is.

That little hook on the back end worries me. Don't see anything in the winds, but...

Here's an image of the wind directions, red=towards radar, green=away. Where they meet at a point=rotation.

Here's the storm on radar.

Snapshot of the wind directions. Where green has a sharp edge with red = rotation.

That right there is what worries me. You can see the storm rotating on radar.

Interesting...very interesting.

They just put out a warning for Peoria. The quasi-line is swinging around to the southeast. And this is radar.

This is the area I'm watching, just north of that warning box. Some signs of rotation.

Here's a different look. That's a lot of red...

Here's what I'm looking at. From Rockford on down, and the cell by the Quad Cities. That line is forming.