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Mum and dad have replaced there q5 with a new q5 just to have the more updated version each to your own like!

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS 

Just your average Tuesday luxurious fluffy robe

Want a shower but the fact it's like this is stopping me the water is not gonna touch my hair what a bad invention

Todays rations

Don't even know where I am but I'm with this so that's all that matters 

My riding top  #lcfc

The sky looks beautiful at meridian! 

Swear these used to taste nice

So funny maynnn

Oops look where we are

Here she/he/it is #cbb

Ready for bed me

This is what I'm dealing with

Biggest bed everr chillinnngggggg

Just chilling in my robe

I'm dying requested his lemonade in a champagne flute

What even are these things iv got on my feet of my dads 