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Beautiful day for a bike ride!

Verizon came to put a new phone pole in. We got a pole AND a truck stuck in the yard.

Fucking Ratna Ling. I swear they have more trucks per day than they are allowed...

Look what I found as I build a fire in the stove... Seems quaint. Hello Bosco!

Little known fact: Sonoma County's most beautiful polling place. Also, where I was married.

What to do with tomato bumper crop?

Gran Fondo registration has begun...

Worlds newest Apple Store sits behind these black glass windows. Opens Friday AM at Santa rosa plaza!

Somebody needs to tell these folks to join forces with GoLocal!

Fort Ross climb, blackberries, and a rest on the road. What could be better?

Goin round the block today, clockwise. ~45 miles & 5500' wahoo!

Calling all makers! Bataeff salvage has spaceship or submarine supplies! Act fast!

#Eastwooding time...

Hillbilly pennies

Me, mom & my 'little' brothers...

fun today! full video uploading...

Uh oh. Faulty battery time...

Disaster planning meeting... Guess these landmarks:

I installed a streaming video web server across town today: #granicus