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Thumbs up for Goofy's gas :D

At the Happiest Place on Earth :)

Woke up dummy ass early cause this boy was crying and throwing a tantrum -_-

Packed & ready :) You know I cant sleep w/o my Hoochwig and Peas ina Pod. Excited for this weekend!

Cause we funny like that, haha.

Kissy face!

Changed 's background to this actually, haha. He finna be mad x)

Hahaha, 's new background ;)

and me cute on Derrique's phone :)

and I made a nigga's phone more beautiful haha.

this nigga, haha.

"You look like your dad!" -___-

Matulac's minusing mama buh plus ma baby sissy <3

last night with this cutie <3

The usual, picture taking with the lil sissy <3 knocked out already >:(

Mondays. #boo

I did not approve. Others did.

Yo welcome and Karl! #sixthperiodbestfriends

"You ain't my friend no more . You a nerd!" I <3 6th with these foos!