Won't settle for less. I know what I'm worth ;) 21 & it feels so good!! =D

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Le agenda for the night!

Last night <3

My driveway yesterday

91 south, exit 7!!

My baby's otay! =)

Protein, Protein, Protein!!

My snack drawer at work: peanut butter, granola bars, crackers, nuts #bland but #healthy =/


DONE!!! Jesus that was hard..I feel like I'm forgetting something tho =/

Finally got the blizzard I've wanted since last night!!! #NOMNOM

S'mores and movies!! #crewlove #kidsatheart

Burning bright for the 26 fallen angels & heroes #RIP precious babies

SUGAR COOKIEES!!! #placeandbake

#legit =D

Last day of class! ;)


Last night >>> the LEAST naked I've been all fall ;)

These boots are dumb brolic. Stompin around the house feelin & soundin like Bane lmao

Mush-for-brains cured! #chocolatecureseverything

My dad's turning into a zombie!!!!!! #WTF

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