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roses are red
dead flesh is green

my father sent me this. thought i'd share.

don't hunt animals. because i wouldn't want to hunt you.

i hope this happens to you one day pal.

just found out lied to me all these years.

nothing wrong with dreaming big.

by far the greatest image i have ever received from the gorgeous .

i think my roommate just got himself kicked out of the nursing program.

um. maybe i should stop eating the cafeterias food?

meet sù young.

i come back to my room & see this. im slightly bothered/thrilled by the thought of this.

my friend & i dnt pay attention in class on mondays. im sitting on the left. who won?

disrupted my class cause of this

i actually advise you not to click this twitpic. pretty lame. im just proud as fuck that i could draw a perfect sphere.

if i ever have a little daughter that holds up a sign like that, at one of my 5Ks..i will eat her face.

'white man' you stupid piece of

can we please start dressing like this. will make life a whole lot interesting/badass.

FLYEST kicks i've ever seen. thanks .

to tell the world my roommate wears girls clothing or not to tell? #tellDUh