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eh baha na sa taft..

mahaba talaga. ya know, just hangin with my friends. haba ng hair..

last one, can I keep this one inside my pocket..

awww shii.. minion with dem puppy eyes. cuuuuuteee.

Long sleeves na naging tube.. Init e. :))

photos by hahahahaha.

photos by hahahahahhaa.

gawin mo to please. hahaha. ang ganda e. :)

done with deskpub! good thing my creative juices worked. :)

Edited my tumblr sites. Yeaaaah.

one of the reasons why I'm happy..

I will never change my cover, this baby panda's too cute! hihihihi.

Love 's photos. Will upload this tomorrow. :)

where's adorable Bacon?

Bacon's sucha cutie and a great model for my fotogra hw. :))

me right noooow. hahahahahaha.

what's with the pokes, guysz? hahaha.

Perfect people don't exi- #VSangels

wanted: cuddle buddy.

Bakal free. Hehehe.