Adult. If I'm not watching TV, I'm sleeping. Take away my coffee or my pillow and I will hurt you.

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I think this shot I took at DallasCon would make a great header pic.

Spring, is that you?! Double digit temps whoa!! (Yes, always with the ) #represent

This has been happening at work a lot lately. The pull is just too strong #butiamstillworking #promise

#Supernatural drove me to drink. My & shot glass is getting a workout! Drink, Gabriel?

No one wants to leave. #GoodbyeSmytty

Yes, good. Thank you, client. You may bother me whenever you like.

Yes, good. Thank you, client. You may bother me whenever you like.

Doesn't know he can't say this kind of shit to us?! #STOPPP

Obligatory Oh Canada pic from the game. Fingers crossed this is a fun one.

I keep catching Cas just hanging out with in the guest room.


Ahh, thanks for triggering fun #vegascon memories, radio! #WENEEDTOGOBACK

Waiting for my flight home in the Calgary airport. Been here a few hours and I'm starting to get very antsy.

Day. Fucking. Made. Thanks for everything you did this weekend, . You're a top notch human. #VegasCon

I'm not staying at the Rio with everyone else but my hotel room is fucking awesome. Sooo #VegasCon

Is winter over?? It's the light at the end of the tunnel! Above freezing temperatures hooray!!

I'm here! #heritageclassic

Wouldn't be Vancouver without a little dreariness and rain.

Because told me to.

Thanks for filling my cup all the way Tim's. Why bother paying for a large anyway?