Perpetual tourist. I'm at theme parks a lot. I take tons of photos. Sometimes I eat fancy things. Often all three at once.

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I got a dinosaur!

Things happen. Closest I'm getting to MK today.

challenge accepted:


One extra long straw, because 'the drunker you get, the further back you lean'. Tammy's looking out for us.

My grand cocktail was empty and then a kungaloosh magically appeared in front of me. #oops #beststoponthemonorail

YES. related to this answer:

Someone was silly enough to leave me at the table with all the drinks. LOL.

Drinking a Seven Seas on our third stop on the bar crawl.

The walls have decoration!

Seems like a great time to go to a theme park!

All this ESPN coverage of needs is a hologram to be complete.

What in the sweet hell is this? I just can't.

Here's how I feel about on-ride flash photos.

The tartine au fromage at Boulangerie is TO DIE FOR. H/T to for letting me know of its existence.

Lady Tremaine was taking over LOL

Tomorrowland flophouse.

from earlier. Also audio is so screwy.