Perpetual tourist. I'm at theme parks a lot. I take tons of photos. Sometimes I eat fancy things. Often all three at once.

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Oh, traffic. At least Apple Maps is giving a decent detour. Google Maps says take I-4. Ummmmm. No.

I’m off to watch DuckTales.

Reflections of Earth.

The actual deluge. From The Land.

This time it’s not a manager, but I still have no idea how dusting while people are eating is a good idea.

Red alert: my monkey puzzle tree appears to be wilting. Please, someone save it!!

Proof. Cc

This is my view, and has been for the past half hour. It’s awfully nice.

Enjoying the view from lantern 7, drinking a grapefruit beer, listening to the fabulous Germany BGM loop.

Fountain View now has additional ‘Starbucks Coffee’ signs.

Vented my frustrations from today into Legos and crappy tv.

Vented my frustrations from today into Legos and crappy tv.

Can I borrow someone’s helicopter to take a photo like this? Pretty please?

Hey remember when the entrance of EPCOT and the front of SSE looked like this? Can we have that back, please?

I miss old EPCOT. Boy Meets World Meets Disney.

‘it’s a small world’ sheet music signed by BOTH Richard and Bob Sherman at Sid Cahuengas. I would die for this. Die.

we saved HDuff’s outfit just for you at Sid Cahuenga’s!

As if my AP drama wasn’t enough, now I’m watching AI Experience. Twice. With kids. I’m officially a masochist.

FYI for those headed to WDW or already on property: Epcot Center Drive is backed up nearly to I-4.