Perpetual tourist. I'm at theme parks a lot. I take tons of photos. Sometimes I eat fancy things. Often all three at once.

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Because obviously this fits in AKL.

I’m so glad MDX lets me make multiple ADRs for the same time at the same restaurant. Very useful feature! #not

we noticed those this afternoon, too. Very odd. They are cute, just oddly placed.

Return of the Ace Joker Hard Cider! Wheeeeee!

So magical!

Probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. A father and daughter dancing to Wes’ rendition of Part of Your World.

I haven’t seen one of these strollers in forever!

Disneyland loses a court and we gain one. #Trollolololol

Dapper Dans point at us and go ‘look who’s here, guess we can start now’. Life. Made.

Also tried some pretty incredible stuffed jalapeños.

#cultofcornbread and chicken and waffles. All other arguments are invalid.

#cultofcornbread and chicken and waffles. All other arguments are invalid.

I don’t have a Duffy so I improvised with my 20+ year old Eeyore. It’s kind of my favorite thing ever.


Oh, traffic. At least Apple Maps is giving a decent detour. Google Maps says take I-4. Ummmmm. No.

I’m off to watch DuckTales.

Reflections of Earth.

The actual deluge. From The Land.

This time it’s not a manager, but I still have no idea how dusting while people are eating is a good idea.

Red alert: my monkey puzzle tree appears to be wilting. Please, someone save it!!