Perpetual tourist. I'm at WDW a lot. I take tons of photos. Sometimes I eat fancy things. Often all three at once.

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' #SelfieMagic ' with Sweetums, since we weren't allowed to take selfies.

Real thing at DTD right now.

I won a puzzle!!!!!

How is this real life?!

Also, I'm drinking this, so it may not be helping.

Kids are learning composting early by just throwing their GoGo squeezes on the ground in the play area!

Snack time at the backyard playground.

Three cheese manicotti was miserable. Not sure if it’s so dry because it’s so late but it was terrible.

Caprese salad at primavera kitchen is boring. It’s a slab of mozzarella and two peppers with Olive oil and basic.

Sausage roll, take sixteen thousand.

And here’s the sausage roll.

Scone again. Wifi in EPCOT sucks, y’all.

Pork and apple sausage roll was nice and savory. Wasn’t a fan of the cold salad and sauce on the side.

Lemon scone from The Cottage. Chewy, not crumbly, so not a real scone, but they were great.

The spa water is a joke. Zephyrhills room temp water with a slice of lemon, sprig of mint, and 4 cucumber slices

Pickled beet salad w goat cheese cream, mizuna, pistachios was stellar. 1-2 components away from a signature app.

Eggplant ‘scallop’ with spaghetti squash is a nice veggie option. Have to love eggplant, though.

Hand roll is much improved from last year with curry instead of mayo.

Frushi. Duh. Still too sweet for me. But it’s a fruit option, so yay!