Perpetual tourist. I'm at WDW a lot. I take tons of photos. Sometimes I eat fancy things. Often all three at once.

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What. What. I don't know. What.

Train shirt came to WDW!

Illuminations viewing for tonight.

Illuminations viewing for tonight.

I took a picture of my salad for and 's enjoyment.

and WDW twitter

Lest anyone thing twitter friends or this community has made me jaded... Here's my first tweet.

since you're now back from Tokyo, I'm gonna taunt you now.

Creepy doll status: creepy!

$500 on eBay seem reasonable for pieces of the 7DMT wall? We didn't break anything. This was sitting there.

Tomorrowland panorama of the blue fairy scene, complete with full moon.

It's like knows me.

Egg roll cart status: hoppin'.

It's just stairs tho.

Best license plate to find at AKL.

Sake orange mango slushy

Lunch at Tangierine Cafe, because obvious choice in EPCOT on a beautiful day is obvious.

Dinner from the food trucks was some killer poutine and two great grilled cheeses.

My haul from the Yum Yum Truck. To be shared throughout the night with some awesome people.

screenshot this time for proof. Because let's be real, it's not like we care about theme